Application Types and Process

Type I Application Process
  • Historic Removal (HR)
  • Final Partition (PF)
  • Final Subdivision (SF)
  • Mobile Home Hardship Permit (MH)
  • Property Line Adjustment (LA)
  • Vacation of an Unimproved Easement (VEU)
  • Overlay Zone/Map Correction of Water Resources/WR Overlay Zone (OC1)

Type II Application Process
  • Adjustment Review (ARA or ARB)
  • Modification (MDA)
  • Historic Property Alteration (HA)
  • Historic Property Move (HM)
  • Site Review (SR)
  • Vacation of Unimproved Public Right-of-Way (VRU)
  • Vacation of Improved Public Easements (VEI)
  • Overlay Map Correction or Removal of Water Quality /WQ Overlay Zone (OC2)
  • Overlay Zone/Map Error of Water Resources /WR Overlay Zone (OC2)
  • Tentative Subdivision (ST)
  • Hazardous Materials Review (HMR)
  • Historic Property Demolition (HDM)
  • Tentative Partition (PT)
  • Standards Review (SDR)
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Variance (V)
Type III Application Process
  • Conditional Use Permit (CU)
  • Historic Landmark Designation (HD)
  • Tentative Planned Unit Development (PDT)
  • Willamette Greenway Permit (WG)
  • Zone Change (Z)

Type IV Application Process
  • Refinement Plan Amendment (site specific) (RA)
  • Street Name Change (SC)

Type V Application Process
  • Land Use Code Amendment (CA)
  • Refinement Plan Amendments (not site specific) (RA)
  • Refinement Plan Adoption or Update (RA)
  • Special Area Zone Establishment or Amendment
  • Zone Change to Apply /ND Nodal Overlay Zone to Nodal Development Areas