Eugene in the News

Eugene is getting noticed! Lately, we've been recognized—nationally and locally—as one of the most livable communities in the United States. We've also been chosen one of the best cities for bicycles, and gotten kudos for being a great place to enjoy food and beverages, the outdoors, exciting sports entertainment and much more. Here's a recent mention:


tracktown flag grove

More current media coverage of our favorite city
  1. Why These 10 Cities Are Best For Growing Food (

    These cities were chosen based on how many gardens, greenhouses, and chicken coops were operated by residents. Eugene comes in at #1. Additional Info...
  2. Climate Projects Featured in National Publication (Cities100)

    Cities100 is a publication that seeks to identify, analyze, and communicate the most ground-breaking solutions to climate change in cities today, helping cities both adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects. Read on...
  3. 2016’s Best Places for First Responders to Live and Work (

    Which communities provide the most support for first responders? Eugene comes in at #11 out of 900. Read on...
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