Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (MMDs) allowed to locate in Eugene?
Eugene has a variety of zones in the city (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) that describe the type and intensity of development and use that can occur on a property.In Eugene, MMD’s are considered to be a type of retail use called “specialty store.”As a specialty store, dispensaries are allowed in the C-1 Neighborhood Commercial Zone, the C-2 Community Commercial Zone, the C-3 Major Commercial Zone, the GO General Office Zone, and certain Special Area Zones (S-H, S-W, etc.).In the C-1 and GO zones, there are some limitations based on the size and use of the building. In Special Area Zones, additional requirements may also apply.You can view a map of Eugene zones at:

According to the state law, a dispensary may not be located within 1,000 feet of a school or another registered dispensary, and may not be at an address registered with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program as a grow site.

Is there a way to know where dispensaries are going to be located?
By law, the Oregon Health Authority is required to keep the name of the applicant and location of the dispensary confidential.For this reason, the City of Eugene will not know exactly who has applied or where unless the applicant waives their confidentiality.

The Oregon Health Authority has been publishing a directory of dispensary locations that have waived their confidentiality on their website:

Does Eugene have any restrictions on how or where MMDs operate?
The state law allows local governments the ability to impose certain regulations on the time, place and manner of operation of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Other than existing city code and zoning regulations, the City does not currently have any additional rules regarding MMDs.

Can MMDs be near schools or other facilities for children?
According to the state law, a dispensary may not be located within 1,000 feet of a school. This may not include other facilities that serve children such as day care or recreation centers.

Does an MMD have to get a business license from the City of Eugene?
There is no requirement for a business license for MMDs at this time.

Where can I get more information?
The Oregon Health Authority has a website with additional information about the state rules and regulations for MMDs,

They also have a Frequently Asked Questions site: