Why Sports?

The sports industry is an important part of the local economy. The sports industry in the U.S. generates hundreds of billions of dollars in economic activity annually. Changes in sports productions and operations impacts local and international economies. 

Locally, sports contributed nearly $100 million in additional economic output to Lane County’s economy in 2012. The City of Eugene hopes to leverage local interest in sports to adopt a ‘sustainable event standard’ to accomplish community goals and engage fans in sustainable behaviors thereby extending the economic benefits of the local sports industry into other sectors.

Photo of hurdle winners at Hayward Field.
Increasing the local sports industry’s demand for sustainable services motivates local suppliers to innovate their product and services offerings to match demand. This furthers the development of a sustainable business ecosystem.

Sports are visible and engaging
Sporting events are highly visible and engaging as illustrated by a 2011 study by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion which found that 13% of US citizens closely follow science, while over 61% identify themselves as sports fans. Sports venues are well-attended making them great locations to engage large numbers of people about sustainability efforts and issue a call to action for fans to transform practices at their homes and workplaces.

Sustainable Champions reflect community values
Sports teams and athletes reflect social values of the communities they represent.Eugene is nationally known for its livability, sustainability efforts, and quality of life. Each local sporting event is an opportunity for our local industries to show visitors and locals how our community values are put into practice.

Click here for access to sustainable event toolkits and more information about locally available resources.