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Your gift helps children build life skills and grow confidence, leadership, passions and lifelong success!

When you donate to the City of Eugene Recreation Scholarship Fund, children from low-income families gain the opportunity to participate in swimming, outdoor activities, art, dance and camps. Without scholarship support, these children would be unable to participate in these valuable recreation experiences.
Children are waiting for scholarships – give today!
Recreation programs provide numerous benefits for children:
  • Physical Health: Help reduce childhood obesity
  • Safety: Teach children water and outdoor safety
  • Life Skills Development: Foster successful skill growth for future success
  • Job Training: Provide job training and job experience
  • Leadership Development: Teach the importance of trust, appropriate risk taking, supportive social interaction and personal challenge
  • Positive Future: Decrease drug use and juvenile crime. Students who participate in at least one hour of extracurricular activities per week are 49 percent less likely to use drugs and 37 percent less likely to become teen parents; recreation also decreases opportunities for juvenile crime
How Recreation is Making a Difference

We have great opportunities for businesses to sponsor scholarships.
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