Current UGB Recommendation 2016

For the current draft of the proposed urban growth boundary adoption package materials, see Adopting Our Urban Growth Boundary.

Current UGB Recommendations

Below is information on the current urban growth boundary (UGB) recommendations under consideration for how Eugene will accommodate the homes, jobs, parks and schools needed for the next 20 years of growth in our community. Current estimates show that all of our housing needed for the next 20 years can be accommodated inside the current UGB and that the UGB needs to be expanded to meet our land needs for jobs, parks and schools. To see a map of the current recommendation, click here.

Revised House Recommendation
Jobs, Parks & Schools Recommendations
March 2012 Recommendation

Revised Housing Recommendation

Council Work Session
(October 24, 2016)
City Council work session directing staff to prepare the urban growth boundary adoption package using two strategies to meet our remaining multi-family housing need: 1) High Density Residential - Downtown Redevelopment Strategy, and 2) Medium Density Residential - increase minimum density requirements in R-2 zones with exemptions for lots under half an acre in size and subsidized affordable housing developments.
Council Work Session 
(July 20, 2015)
City Council work session directing staff to establish a Eugene-only UGB for housing with no expansion at this time, monitor growth, improve land use code for needed housing development and begin urban reserve planning for longer term (50 years) population growth.
Revised Housing Recommendation and supporting documents
(March 2015)  
The revised housing recommendation includes an overview of what the revised recommendation is and rationale. A memo on the residential land supply and capacity and supporting technical documents are also attached.
Single Family Capacity Revisions Graphics
Graphics explaining the changes that resulted in the revised housing recommendation.
Council Presentation 
(February 18, 2015)
Staff presentation to the City Council regarding the revised housing recommendation.
Technical Background Information
(March 2, 2015)
Technical documents regarding the revised recommendation, some of which are also attached to the Revised Housing Recommendation above.

Jobs, Parks & Schools Recommendation

The City Council has provided direction on the UGB recommendation for Jobs, Parks and Schools.

City Council direction on UGB Recommendation                        Meeting materials and webcast of City Council direction on Jobs, Parks & Schools UGB Recommendation.
Survey Results
The results and comments from the December 2014 UGB Expansion Survey regarding the preliminary recommendations for a UGB boundary. (The Revised Housing Recommendation occurred after this survey was completed.)

March 2012 Recommendation

Except where updated in the 2015 UGB recommendations above, the March 2012 Recommendation includes the strategies and actions for managing the next 20 years of growth in our community. The March 2012 Recommendation and associated documents can be found at the following links:   

Technical Components Document  The technical components of the 2012 Recommendation that the City Council provided direction for.
Past Issues of the Spotlight Past issues of the Envision Eugene e-mail newsletter.
March 2012 Recommendation PDF -large file! The March 2012 Recommendation document (large color PDF file).
March 2012 Recommendation webpage Webpage with the March 2012 Recommendation and a link to the supporting technical documents.