2016 Two Year Permit Proposal

In an effort to continue being responsive to residents in the Residential Parking Zones, Parking Services has proposed an update to the Administrative Rules that will allow homeowners and long-term renters to purchase/obtain a two year parking permit.

The creation of the two year permit will make it easier for 500 of our residential permit customers to get parking permits by only having to make one trip for permit renewal every two years.

There will be a 15 day public comment period on the proposed two year permit (Administrative order 58-92-07) from August 17 to September 1, 2016. Public comments can be submitted in writing to:

Jeff Petry, Parking Services Manager,
Planning & Development Department
99 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401,

or via e-mail to parking@ci.eugene.or.us

Comments received will be added to the public record and will help inform any further revisions to the rules that will be considered by the City Manager. If the proposal is approved, Parking expects to begin offering the two year permits to qualified residents as soon as possible.