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Upcoming Events

The January 9th Planning Commission work session was canceled due to weather. The next work session will be January 23rd.

Community Information Sessions are scheduled for January and February. These are opportunities to learn more about the UGB proposal, the adoption process, and how to participate. You can find the dates and locations of these events on our Get Involved! page and view the press release here.

Updated UGB Adoption Timeline

Click on the image below to see the updated timeline! To get involved, see upcoming events, and tell us what you think, go to Get Involved!.
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Multi-family Housing Options

UPDATE - On October 24, the Eugene City Council directed staff to prepare the urban growth boundary adoption package using two strategies to meet our remaining multi-family housing need: 1) High Density Residential Downtown Redevelopment Strategy, and 2) Medium Density Residential Option B to increase minimum density requirements (in R-2 zones) with exemptions for lots under half an acre in size and subsidized affordable housing developments. For more information, see the work session webcast and meeting materialsthe presentation, and the multi-family housing outreach results report

Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan


One major piece of adopting our own Eugene-specific urban growth boundary is to adopt Eugene-specific policies related to that urban growth boundary. These policies are contained in the new Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan. 

Adopting our Urban Growth Boundary

After five years of community visioning, technical analysis, and Council direction, we are ready to put all of the pieces together to adopt Eugene's own urban growth boundary (UGB)! How we plan for jobs, parks, schools and housing are all part of the decisions that will be made over the coming months. We need your help this summer to make sure the remaining pieces, our housing strategies, meet community needs for affordability and livability.  

To learn more about the pieces for adopting our UGB and to tell us what you think go here.

Urban Growth Boundary Expansion Areas

The proposed Eugene-specific urban growth boundary includes two expansion areas for jobs, parks and schools. These expansion areas are in the Clear Lake area of the Bethel neighborhood and in Santa Clara.