Adopting our Urban Growth Boundary

While the urban growth boundary (UGB) is only one element of Envision Eugene, there are many legal requirements that must be met to adopt a new one.
The "UGB Adoption Package" is a compilation of required materials that sets a Eugene-specific UGB, including an expansion to add 924 acres in the Clear Lake area for jobs, a community park and a school site, and 35 acres in Santa Clara for a community park. It also includes the adoption of the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan.
Eugene's New UGB!
The full list of adoption package elements is below. Drafts of the primary items and maps are available now for your review, see links below. After the summer public outreach, we’ll incorporate in any additional direction from Council. Then, closer to the formal adoption process the complete package including detailed text changes to adopted plans, the land use code and lastly the written findings, will be provided. 

Metro Plan

The Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan) has served as the comprehensive plan guiding land use planning for both Eugene and Springfield for several decades. The adoption package will include several amendments to the Metro Plan to allow for a Eugene-specific UGB and comprehensive plan. The Metro Plan land use diagram will also be amended to address the UGB expansion areas.

Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan (Phase 1)

Because the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan is such a large undertaking, it will be adopted in phases.  The first phase includes all components that are essential to adopting the UGB (housing supply, employment supply, etc.). The Topic Area pages have additional information about the urban growth boundary and the Clear Lake expansion areaA map showing the Eugene-specific UGB will also be adopted as part of the first phase. The remaining chapters will be developed as future phases. 

Public Facilities and Services Plan 

The Public Facilities and Services Plan must be amended to add water, wastewater, stormwater and electrical projects, including rough cost estimates and timing, to serve the expansion areas and areas within current urban growth boundary. 

Transportation System Plan

The City of Eugene Transportation System Plan 2035 will serve as the transportation element of the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan, but it is also a plan in its own right and was developed to address the future transportation needs of the community as envisioned in the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan. 

Multi-family Housing Strategies

While most of our new multi-family housing (duplexes, apartments, etc.) can fit on land across Eugene, there are about 1,600 homes we still need to find space for. We’ve identified several options for how they could be accommodated. Community input on these strategies during the summer will help Council with their decision in the fall on which strategies to adopt as part of the UGB adoption package. 

To learn more about these updated multi-family housing strategies, go here.

Land Use Code

The land use code must be amended for both the City of Eugene and Lane County within the UGB. These amendments address zoning and other issues for the expansion areas specifically, and the transition of policies from the Metro Plan to the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan.  

Zone Changes

Both base and overlay zones will be applied to the expansion areas. The Clear Lake Overlay Zone will be added to the land use code to address preservation of large development sites and environmental justice issues in the employment expansion area.

Supporting Documents

All or portions of the following documents will be included as appendices to the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan.

Legal Findings

Required written findings and analysis will be included that show compliance with relevant Statewide Planning Goals, all applicable state laws and all applicable local land use regulations and policies for all of the above actions. These are the last documents to be completed and that will be available because they incorporate all of the work described above.
  • Findings (later)

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