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UGB Adoption Timeline

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Review Process and Input Opportunities

The Envision Eugene team will be at events and getting input on the adoption of our urban growth boundary prior to moving through the formal adoption process.
Community input from the summer will inform Draft 1 of the full set of the "UGB adoption package" materials and multi-family housing strategies anticipated for November 2016, which will then go through a public hearing process with the City of Eugene and Lane County Planning Commissions. A revised draft will then go through a public hearing process with the Eugene City Council and Lane County Board of Commissioners.
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20-Minute Neighborhood Game

Summer Outreach Events

Over the course of the summer, the Envision Eugene Team brought updates on Envision Eugene and a 20-minute neighborhood game to events all over the city! We also hosted three "deeper dive" events to answer detailed questions about specific options and proposals. To learn more about what a 20-minute neighborhood is and where they are in Eugene, go here. See some of the high-level topics we've been hearing from community members here. We will also post a more complete summary of all summer outreach in early fall.

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If you have questions about a particular aspect of Envision Eugene, we invite you to contact City planning staff. See staff contact details below.
Envision Eugene Planning Staff Contacts
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Terri Harding, Principal Planner
Urban Growth Boundary
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Public Involvement
Growth Monitoring Program
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