Broadway Plaza - Request for Expressions of Interest

KeseyPlaza_Nov2015Through this Request for Expression of Interest (Request), the City of Eugene is seeking letters of interest and conceptual development proposals from qualified development teams or an individual for the purchase/lease and redevelopment of the Broadway and Willamette parcel. The Parcel is located at the center of downtown at the south-east corner of Broadway and Willamette streets.  
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The City Manager is considering three options for the future of the Parcel:
  A. Sale or lease for private redevelopment;
  B. Public investment to improve the use and appearance;
  C. Take no action.
The focus of this Request is related to option A – the identification of interest from experienced development teams that can transform the parcel to best align with the policies and implementation strategies in the Eugene Downtown Plan. 

It is anticipated that the City Council will consider the Parcel in February 2016.

The City of Eugene expects that responses to this Request will:

  • Include a redevelopment team or individual with a proven track record of establishing creative and distinctive developments in urban, downtown settings with high-quality urban design;
  • Include active use(s); and
  • Complement the existing urban context and public and private investments in the area.
Responses were due on January 15, 2015. The City received three responses to the RFEI.
Contact Information:
Nan Laurence
99 West 10th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401