2016/2017 Leaf Collection and Delivery Program

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When will crews be in my neighborhood? 
Enter your address
in the link above to find out what collection zone you are in and when 
we may be in your area. Once leaf collection begins, information will be updated weekly, so be sure to check back for up-to-date information. Collection dates are subject to a variety of factors and may vary.

Please do not place your leaves in the street until the Saturday or Sunday before the collection is scheduled in your area. Pick up is for leaves only. Do not include pine needles or other debris. After crews clear your neighborhood, Rake, Reuse, Recycle your leaves, put them in your yard waste container, or keep them on your property until the second round  of collection begins in your area.
For more detailed information on zone boundaries, see the Zone Lookup Map - by address or view the Leaf Collection Zone map below.

Zone (s)

First Round Collection

Second Round Collection

Central Nov 14 - Nov 16  Dec 27 - Dec  30 
 Nov 17 - Dec 23
  (No collection:  
    Nov 24 -25)
Jan 3 - Jan 27
 (No collection:  
Jan 16)


Leaf Collection Zone Map

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Leaf Zone Map - click to enlarge     

Leaf Delivery Request Form


Leaf delivery is available within the limits of the City of Eugene. It is also based on availability, haul distance and adequate dump space. Loads vary in size, but are approximately seven cubic yards. Minimum delivery request is one load. Deliveries are typically scheduled to correspond to zone pick-up areas.

Bike Lane Service Request Form
Provide us with information about safety hazards in the bike lanes such as leaves, dirt, glass, vegetation or other debris. Leaves and other debris in bike lanes are hazardous to bicyclists.


Eugene's leaf season is seasonal  (November - January). Eugene’s leaf program dates back to the 1960s. Initially a basic flood-control service, the leaf program has evolved over the years to include significant benefits in the areas of water quality, natural resource recycling and community service.

Documents & Resources
Composting Factsheet - Make the most of your leaves 
Rake, Reuse, Recycle
City of Springfield Leaf Program
Lane County Leaf Program (outside city of Eugene limits)