How to Use Guest and Service Permits

In order to accommodate the guests and service providers of residents in residential parking zones, guest and service permits are available free of charge to residents. Guest and service permits available to eligible residents only. The permits must be used in the zone they apply to. Guest and service permits are available through:
Republic Parking
Atrium Building Suite 119 (1st Floor)
99 West 10th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon
541-357-5754 or 541-636-3453
Below are examples of Guest and Service Permits and directions on how to use them.

Please be aware: Older versions of these permits are not valid.

Guest Parking Permit - Zone J

This permit is used by guests visiting a residence in the J Zone. Permits are issued in 10 packs to J Zone residents. To use residents simply fill out the permit and have their guest place in on their vehicles dash so that it is clearly visible. These permits are valid during special events and can only be issued for one day at a time.
Guest permit J

Guest Parking Permit - Zone A and Other Zones

These permits are similar to the J Zone permit but used in the A zone or the zone identified in the circle. A zone residents can obtain a 10 pack of permits but other zones must obtain permits on an as needed basis.
Guest permit other

Service Parking Permit

This Permit is issued for a professional service being performed at an address in a residential parking zone. Professional services must be verifiable by a signed contract between the service provide and the resident. Examples of these type of service are housekeeping, child and lawn care.
Service permit