Doing Business Downtown

Supporting Downtown Economic Growth Through Loans and Incentives

To support economic growth, the City of Eugene works with businesses and developers using available tools. 

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  • Arts & Business Loan Program - This loan program provides loans to aid arts organizations and artists, as well as small, specialty creative and arts-related businesses.
  • City of Eugene Business Development Fund (BDF) - This fund provides loans to new and existing Eugene businesses that are creating jobs in our community.
  • Downtown Revitalization Loan Program (DRLP) - The DRLP is a flexible financing program designed to encourage investments within the Downtown Urban Renewal District that contribute to the economic vibrancy and density goals for downtown.

Tax Exemptions

  • Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE) - The MUPTE is a 10-year property tax exemption to stimulate the construction of multi-unit housing in key areas and to ensure use of the core area as a place for people to live and work.
  • Vertical Housing Development Zone - This is a 10-year property tax exemption for mixed-use housing projects to encourage dense urban-style development or redevelopment.


How can you get cheaper employee parking? Ask for a bulk permit! The City offers discounted parking permits in bulk as an encouragement for development and re-tenanting vacant office space in the downtown area.
For other business development loans and incentives for property outside the Downtown area, see the Economic Development Loans and Incentives page.

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