Get or Renew a Library Card

Are library cards free?

How do I get a card?

You can sign up for a library card in person at any library location. But because only a limited number of people are allowed inside the building at the same time, that may require waiting in line outside. For now, it will be faster and easier to sign up by phone. 

Residents of the City of Eugene

  • Call to sign up for a free library card and begin using online resources and placing hold requests immediately. 
  • To borrow physical items, including holds, you will need to show us your current government-issued photo ID and proof of current address. A current Oregon driver license meets both requirements. Other accepted documents. Complete a brief application form. If you like, print and complete the form to bring with you: English (PDF) or Español (PDF)


  • If you live outside City of Eugene limits, you can call to sign up and pay for a library card for $11 per month. One "non-resident" fee covers all cards in the household. 

4J and Bethel Students

  • All students enrolled in Eugene School District 4J and Bethel School District can get a free library card, whether you live inside or outside of City limits. Use the form provided by your school district. More information and printable form.

How do I renew my library card?

Residents of the City of Eugene

  •  We will renew your card automatically. You can continue to use your card to access online items and other resources and to place hold requests.
  • To borrow physical items, the next time you visit the library in person, you will need to show us your library card, current government-issued photo ID, and accepted proof of current address.


  • If you live outside City of Eugene limits, your card is a "non-resident" library card. To continue to access online items and other resources after your card's expiration date, you need to pay the non-resident household fee of $11 per month. You can pay with a credit card by phone: 541-682-5450. You do not need to visit the library unless you want to borrow physical items. 

Other types of cards

Youth under age 16

  • Visit any location with a parent or legal guardian. They will need to show the accepted documents.
  • If necessary, you can take an application to your parent to sign. Return it with any one of the items from the accepted documents list, in your parent’s name.
  • If you have a legal guardian, they must come to the library in person to show court-approved documents of guardianship in addition to the accepted documents.
  • There is no minimum age for getting a library card.


  • You are responsible for all materials borrowed, and any fines, fees or misuse of the card.
  • To protect your account’s confidentiality and security, treat your library card the same as a bank card. Don’t lend it to anyone, share your password, or write it on the card.
  • Update your account whenever there are changes to your name, address, phone, or email address.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately and we will block its use by anyone else. There is a $1 charge for a replacement card.

Library services that require a Eugene Public Library card

  • Borrowing physical and online items.
  • Using the Info Hub and other online services 24/7.

Services available without a Eugene Public Library card

  • Assistance of staff in person, online and by phone.
  • Limited use of computers to access the Internet.
  • On-site wireless Internet access.
  • Events, classes, and activities for all ages, including online.

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