Street Banner Permit Program
The use of City-owned facilities including the installation and removal of street and pole banners is regulated by the City of Eugene Public Works Department to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

There are more than 100 City-managed pole banner locations, with 68 pole banner sites managed by Downtown Eugene Inc. (contact the DEI Administrative Office at 541-343-1117) and 26 pole banner sites managed by the University of Oregon (contact the University of Oregon at 541-346-6035). There are three approved sites for street banner display for banners which span across the travel lanes and have specific requirements.

Banner sites are available only for recognized community groups and/or non-profit organization may be allowed promoting a specific event or activity for general public benefit. Corporate Sponsor recognition e.g. company name and/or logo is allowed on banners but may occupy no more than 25% of the total banner area and must be subordinate to the promotion of the event or activity.