Employee Assistance Program

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Counseling Services

All insurance eligible employees, their immediate families and members of the employee’s household are covered by the City’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Cascade Behavioral Health and Employee Assistance Program, the City’s EAP provider, offers confidential counseling services to assist you in finding solutions to your problems. There is no charge to you for visits through the EAP. You are eligible for up to four visits per problem, per year. 

Training Services

Cascade Behavior Health and Employee Assistance Program also offers a broad range of training programs to assist employees and their family members in gaining valuable life skills. These training programs are offered at no cost and are available throughout the year.


Employee Assistance Program Provider

Cascade Behavior Health and Employee Assistance Program 

2650 Suzanne Way, Ste. 200, Eugene, OR 97408

541-345-2800 or 800-535-1347