For City of Eugene Employees

COVID-19 Resources for City of Eugene Employees

News and updates related to your facility and operation will come from your department leadership as it becomes available. Also see City Services – What’s Open? for the related updates.

*Disclaimer: Some resources available on this page will require employee login to view.  

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Planning for Return to Work

Leaders throughout the organization have been hard at work planning and preparing for the return of employees to the workplace. We understand many questions remain about how we will accomplish our service while also adhering to lead agency guidance related to public health and safety. It is our hope that the document linked below will serve as a foundational tool which will allow us to creatively support you and your teams in this different environment.

In all we do, we know we have a shared commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of our workforce.  We recognize our healthy workforce is a key ingredient to community excellence. So far our success in relying on lead agency guidance has resulted in Lane County flattening the curve. We will continue with this philosophy moving through the phases of reopening.

Finally, we recognize that COVID drives our response and timeline. We also recognize this means changes to process and protocol. We appreciate how you have met the challenge and how we have collectively supported a healthy workforce. We know there is a long road ahead and we’re confident we’ll be successful together.

COE Worksite Reopening Checklist Template (For City of Eugene department use)

Guidance for City of Eugene Work

Alternative work schedules 

The City is making alternate work schedules available to individuals who have job functions that support an alternative work schedule while also ensuring departments can deliver essential services. This alternative creates an avenue for recommended physical distancing and also helps you balance the needs of your home and family during this time.  Alternative assignments may also be available related to supporting the workgroup or assisting with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Please review Guide for Coding Your Time for information related to reporting your time. 

Reduced Work Schedule 

Employees may request (from supervisor) to have their regularly scheduled work hours temporarily reduced. Impact to accruals is based on City administrative regulations or union contract.   

Flexible/Staggered Work Hours 

Employees may request (from supervisor) to temporarily work non-traditional hours including split shifts and weekend work (i.e. a schedule that is different from the traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday).  

Alternative Assignments 

It could happen that you might be asked to help provide essential services due to high absenteeism. In that case, you will receive the necessary training.