Sustainable City Operations

The City of Eugene is committed to operating sustainably across all city functions and is continually seeking ways to improve performance. As a large employer in the City with an operating budget of approximately $370 million, we play an important role in contributing to the local economy, enabling a healthy and active work force, and ensuring we are maintaining or improving the environmental well being of the Eugene area.

Implementation of many innovative ideas from staff and management throughout the City have enabled us to operate more sustainably. The City has also contracted consultants to document and analyze City operations to help us identify where to focus more attention. Below is a sample of initiatives that have been undertaken throughout the City to address the triple bottom line – people, planet and prosperity.

Individual city staff are also actively involved in helping to address social equity in Eugene. City employees rank among the highest per capita giving by organizations in annual charitable campaigns. Employees increased participation and pledges to United Way by 5 percent each year for the past three years. 

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Energy Management

The City has an active Energy Management program that has saved over $1.7 million in energy costs in city facilities through tracking, staff training and efficiency upgrades since 1994. In addition, the City purchases green wind power electricity for 25 percent of its needs at major city buildings. The City is currently updating a green house gas inventory of all city operations before setting reduction targets and developing an action plan to help the city achieve the targets.

 As part of facilities management of city operations, recycling systems have been installed in all city buildings but we feel there is more we could do to minimize the waste produced. In order to identify the volume and composition of waste produced by the City, waste audits are being undertaken throughout city buildings so we have a clearer picture of what we still throw away. After the audits are completed, we will set reduction targets and develop a waste minimization action plan to help us get there.

In addition to using biodiesel in its larger vehicles, the City has invested in a large and continually growing fleet of efficient and low-emission hybrid vehicles. 53 percent of the city fleet (excluding Police vehicles) are now hybrids and this percentage is increasing as vehicles are replaced. 

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