Transportation systems in our area include road, air, and rail. Use of these systems and supporting transportation vehicles create the opportunity for accidents, emergencies, and disasters. Transportation hazards can be natural or human caused.

Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Assessment


  • Privately owned vehicles and buses provide transportation for individuals using freeways, highways, and roads. Trucks and trailers carry interstate and intrastate cargo. Interstate pile-ups caused by fog, rain, high speeds, and traffic are common on the west side of the Cascade Mountains.


  • A major airline crash will create a mass casualty incident with hundreds of injuries or deaths. Hazardous materials incidents are created with fuel spills and dangerous cargo, such as chemicals in a crop duster or an airplane carrying fire retardant. The crash of a military aircraft with munitions or classified material requires the support of explosive ordinance disposal or military security


  • There are both freight and passenger rail carriers in this area. North, south, east, and west travel is available. The greatest risk associated with freight trains is a spill of hazardous materials. An accident involving an Amtrak train traveling through the Eugene area could result in a mass casualty incident.