Library Board

Responsibilities of the Library Board

The Library Board (Department Advisory Committee) serves to provide citizen input and to advise Library, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department and Library management on policy, budget, services and library development. The board members build community support for the Library’s services.


There are eight positions on this committee:

  • Three are at-large positions
  • Two representing branch service areas
  • One youth representative (must be 25 years or under)
  • One is a representative of the Eugene Public Library Foundation Board
  • One is a representative of the Friends of the Eugene Public Library Board


Members serve three year terms and are eligible to be appointed for two consecutive terms. The exception is the youth representative who serves a one-year term, and is eligible to be appointed for a maximum of three consecutive terms.

Meetings are held every other month.

The authority for this committee is in the Eugene Code provision for department advisory committees. The department appoints members.

Staff Contact

Will O’Hearn, Library Director, 541-682-5363.