Why Are 20-Minute Neighborhoods Important?

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  1. What is a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  2. Why are 20-Minute Neighborhoods important? 
  3. What are the benefits of 20-Minute Neighborhoods? 
  4. Where can I experience a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  5. What is the 20-Minute Neighborhood assessment? 
  1. How is walkability measured? 
  2. What other factors are important? 
  3. What have we learned? 
  4. What can we influence? 

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20-minute neighborhoods are an important strategy for reducing reliance on the automobile, lowering transportation costs and reducing our community’s greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, walkable neighborhoods improve public health, help residents save money and improve access to daily needs. The Community Climate and Energy Plan aims to achieve 90% of Eugene residents living in 20 Minute Neighborhoods by 2030. Likewise, the draft Pillars of Envision Eugene include 20-Minute Neighborhoods as a vital part of our community’s growth strategy with the added benefit of improving livability and reducing our need for expansion.