What Is The 20-Minute Neighborhood Assessment?

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  1. What is a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  2. Why are 20-Minute Neighborhoods important? 
  3. What are the benefits of 20-Minute Neighborhoods? 
  4. Where can I experience a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  5. What is the 20-Minute Neighborhood assessment? 
  1. How is walkability measured? 
  2. What other factors are important? 
  3. What have we learned? 
  4. What can we influence? 

Sundance Natural Foods and a dog walkingOverview

As one of the first steps in implementing the Community Climate and Energy Plan, the City of Eugene initiated the 20-minute neighborhoods assessment in early 2011 to help citizens, planners, and policymakers better understand what areas of Eugene are most walkable and why. The assessment looks at several key factors that influence walkability and layers them together to create a heat map that helps readers see at a glance what areas of town are highly walkable. The assessment will help inform priority actions that can improve walkability and access to services throughout Eugene.