What Have We Learned?

Find Out More About 20-Minute Neighborhoods

  1. What is a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  2. Why are 20-Minute Neighborhoods important? 
  3. What are the benefits of 20-Minute Neighborhoods? 
  4. Where can I experience a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  5. What is the 20-Minute Neighborhood assessment? 
  1. How is walkability measured? 
  2. What other factors are important? 
  3. What have we learned? 
  4. What can we influence? 

Full Composite Heat Map Opens in new windowOverview
The heat map clearly shows several places in our community (in red and dark orange) that are very walkable; where a large number of residents live near a variety of services and have the transportation infrastructure to make walking easy. We also learned that there are areas of town (in light and dark blue) where making a trip on foot is challenging and the services that would serve daily needs are not nearby.