What Can We Influence?

Find Out More About 20-Minute Neighborhoods

  1. What is a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  2. Why are 20-Minute Neighborhoods important? 
  3. What are the benefits of 20-Minute Neighborhoods? 
  4. Where can I experience a 20-Minute Neighborhood? 
  5. What is the 20-Minute Neighborhood assessment? 
  1. How is walkability measured? 
  2. What other factors are important? 
  3. What have we learned? 
  4. What can we influence? 


There are many ways that the City of Eugene, LTD, school districts, residents and business owners can influence neighborhood walkability. Each area will require a different approach that will be unique to each neighborhood. Some areas of the south hills, for example, are difficult to walk because of the prevalence of steep slopes. Other areas are cooler on the map because they are large residential areas filled with homes and apartments but lacking the stores and services that may encourage walking.

If residents are seeking walkability near their homes, these qualities can be changed over time through zoning changes, transportation investments, business investments and many other tools. Some factors, like sidewalk coverage, can be influenced by public policy and investments, while others like the location of a school, happen rarely and are influenced by a wide variety of factors.