Can a site development permit be...FAQ

Can a site development permit be submitted before approval of the land use application?

To protect natural resources and promote orderly development, Eugene’s land use code addresses the timing of submitting and issuing development permits, a category that includes site development permits.

According to Eugene Code, a site development permit cannot be issued before approval of the tentative partition or tentative subdivision. The code also does not allow submission of a site development permit application before approval of a conditional use permit (CUP).

Overlay Zones

For projects within an overlay zone for planned unit developments (PUD) and site reviews, a site development permit application cannot be submitted until the land use application process is completed. And, when the PUD or site review is prompted not by the zoning, but chosen voluntarily or triggered by the scope of development, a site development permit cannot be approved until the land use agreement is completed.

Generally, when a land use application is pending or would be required for the proposed development, review and approval of the site development permit will be delayed. For site development work in new subdivisions and partitions, we also may need the legal lot lines and easements established through the final plat. To check on a specific project, talk to a Land Use Analyst at the Permit & Information Center, or contact the Permit Review Manager.