Where do I get a site plan? FAQ

Where do I get a site plan?

Our office can provide you with information that will assist you in drawing your site plan. Counter staff can provide you with your property line dimensions for your lot based on the Lane County Assessor’s tax maps. For sites within the city limits Public Works staff may also provide you with the distance from the curb to your property line if that information is available. It will be your responsibility (or your designer’s) to measure the site and draw the site plan that will be submitted with your proposed construction drawings.

Considerations when drawing a site plan include:

  • Site plan must be on a minimum of 11 X 17 inch paper
  • Drawing must be to scale with a minimum 2-inch clear space
  • North arrow must be included
  • All existing and proposed structures with setbacks
  • All existing and proposed sidewalks and driveways
  • Adjacent streets and alleys must be shown
  • Site elevations at lot corners or an indication that the lot is flat (if there is greater than a 4 foot change across the property, you must also indicate site contours in 2 foot increments).