Estimate Permit Fees

Estimating Building Permit Fees

Building permit fees are based on a number of factors, and they are challenging to estimate without a detailed understanding of the project. City staff cannot provide fee estimates prior to project submittal because there are many variables that make up the calculations. We do have tools available to help you get a ball park estimate.

Fee Estimating Guide

The fee estimating guide explains how fees are calculated in each specialty area (electrical, mechanical, SDCs, etc.). The sample fee calculations in the Commercial/Multi-family guide will assist you in determining approximate costs for your project. Please keep in mind that costs could differ due to the number of variables used in the calculations. Commercial clients, we recommend that you DO NOT have your corporate check cut based on these estimates.

Residential Fee Estimates

For residential projects, the fee estimating worksheet will help you estimate the fees for your proposed project.

Fee Calculators

The Structural Plan Check Fee Calculator will help you determine plan check fees that will be due when you submit your project application. There is also a Commercial Mechanical Fee Calculator to help you estimate mechanical fees due on your commercial project. You will need an estimated value of work to use these tools (see Building Valuation Table).

Fee Schedule

Once you submit a project application, your fees are locked in to the schedule in place on that date. If Eugene increases fees after you apply, fees charged to your project will not increase as long as your permit is active and in compliance with approved permits. The Fee Schedule gives you current rates to use with the other fee estimating tools.

Building Valuation Table

This table is used to determine the value of your construction project. To use the table you will need to know the type of construction (wood frame, brick, etc.), how the building will be used (business, residential, etc.) and the square footage of your building. The Building Valuation Table is updated every year on April 1st.