Inclusion Services

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The City of Eugene’s Recreation staff is committed to making all reasonable efforts to ensure that its facilities, programs and services are accessible to and usable by all people, including individuals with disabilities. 

The following services are available with advanced notice. Some requests may take up to two weeks to secure. 

Inclusion Services 

Inclusion Services are available by discussing the request with the person taking your registration and/or requesting accommodations using a Eugene Rec Inclusion Request form. Once a request has been received, a Recreation staff member will contact you. 

Accessibility Services 

The City of Eugene Recreation Services strives to make recreational opportunities available to everyone. We are committed to supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

  • An accessible van with wheelchair lift is available for activities that provide van transportation. Please make your request at the time of registration since demand for use is high. The van is booked on a first come, first served basis.
  • Braille sections of large publications can be made available with three working days advance notice.
  • FM System Hearing Assistance Equipment is available for classes, special events and cultural performances with three days advanced notice.
  • Large print and audiotape can be provided with three work days advance notice. Five or fewer large-print copies can be provided upon request.
  • Readers are available by phone or in person. A staff person will read the requested sections of publications to you.
  • Sign Language interpretation is available for classes or presentations with three work days advance notice. 
  • Adaptive Technology at the Library: 27" monitors, large keyboard letters, adjustable tables and screens, magnifying software, JAWS (computerized reader), and a Braille embosser.

For additional information and/or questions regarding inclusion, accessibility and accommodations, email or call us at 541-682-5311.