Non-Resident Card

UPDATE: Click here for current information about library cards and other servicesInformation on this page may not apply right now. For assistance or to get a library card, please call 541-682-5450. 

People who live outside the City of Eugene are welcome to visit the Library and use most of its resources and services. To receive full services and borrowing privileges, they may purchase a Library card. Library services for Eugene residents are supported by City of Eugene taxes.

Who is a resident?

  • Anyone who resides within the City of Eugene limits.
  • Some locations have a Eugene mailing address but are actually located outside the City limits. Check your residential address.
  • Anyone who owns or pays taxes on property located within the City of Eugene limits, regardless of place of residence, and anyone in that person’s household.

How do non-residents get a Library card?

  • Visit any Library location
  • Show current photo ID and proof of current home address
  • Pay the non-resident fee:
    • $11 (1 month)
    • One fee covers individual cards for all members of a household (each individual must visit the Library in person to register).
    • Pay with cash, check, traveler’s check, cashier’s check, money order, credit or debit card.
    • Non-resident cards must be renewed each year, in person.

How do I purchase a gift certificate for a non-resident card?

Gift certificates are available for $11 (1 month). Purchase gift certificates in person at all three Library locations or by mail. Mail a check (not credit card information) to Eugene Public Library, Attn: Circulation, 100 West 10th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401. Please include the name and mailing address of the recipient, as well as your own contact information. The Library will send the gift certificate to the recipient.

How is the amount of the non-resident fee determined?

Residents and non-residents pay approximately the same amount, one through taxes and the other through the non-resident fee.

What are other options for non-residents?

In many parts of the U.S., local governments establish agreements with one another to allow everyone access to nearby library services. However, many areas near Eugene are represented by governments that do not contribute funds to the City of Eugene’s library.

Eugene Public Library would like to see everyone have full access to public library services. If you live within Lane County, you may want to share your views with your county commissioner. The commissioners are the elected officials who would need to take action to extend full public library services to everyone in the county. The local organization addressing this situation is the Lane Library League. Eugene Public Library supports and assists the league’s work.