Downtown Loans

The Barn Light downtown

Downtown Loans are meant to encourage investments within the Downtown Urban Renewal District in ways that contribute to its economic vibrancy and established goals. This flexible financing program supports unique redevelopment opportunities, specific downtown redevelopment challenges, as well as individual project financing needs in a way that help make our downtown dreams a reality.

Funds can be used for but are not limited to:

  • Accessibility projects
  • Building rehabilitation or renovation
  • Facade enhancements
  • Historic preservation
  • Pedestrian covers
  • Tenant improvements
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Interest Rate

Interest rate is fixed, typically below market, for the term of the loan.

Loan Term

Repayment terms are structured to meet individual project needs.


$50 non-refundable application fee

1% loan fee

Filing fees


Business assets

Real property

Personal guarantees

Loan Amount

$75,000 - $500,000: dependent upon availability of funds. Applications for larger or smaller loan amounts may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Matching Funds

Project financing will not exceed 50% of overall project budget.


Located within the Downtown Urban Renewal District (see map below)

Property owners


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Success Story

  1. The Barn Light inside
    “Put simply, The Barn Light wouldn’t exist without the City of Eugene’s Downtown Loans program. This financial tool— which is readily available, easy to obtain and comes with favorable interest rates— makes small local businesses possible. Beyond the capital made available through this program, the relationships you develop with city staff is truly invaluable. They embody a wealth of information and experience and have a great number of resources at their disposal to ensure that your project gets off the ground and succeeds.” 
    - Thomas Pettus-Czar, Owner The Barn Light

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  1. Aaron Doreen

    Business Loan Analyst
    99 W 10th Ave
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Ph: 541-682-5448
    Fx: 541-682-5572