Citizen Participation and Advisory Committee

Role of the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee (CDBG-AC)

The Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee (CDBG-AC) advises the Planning & Development Department on the proposed use of CDBG funds. This committee is comprised of nine members from three applicant pools designated by the City Council. Five members come from the special interest pool, two members from the voter pool, one from the Human Rights Commission, and one from the neighborhood pool. The committee meets three to four times a year in the winter and spring. They conduct program reviews, solicit and receive written comments from the public, and conduct public hearings. Recommendations are posted for public comment for no less than 30 days. All funding decisions are made by City Council.

Current CDBG-AC Members

  • John Barofsky
  • Aimee Walsh
  • Brett Rowlett
  • Jennifer Webster
  • Ibrahim Coulibaly
  • Aloura DiGiallonardo
  • Chris Ramey
  • Phil Farrington
  • Michael Weinerman

Meeting Information

The CDBG-AC meets between the months of January and June. The 2019 CDBG-AC meeting schedule will be posted soon. 

The most recent CDBG-AC meeting, which included a Public Hearing was on May 17, 2018. Meeting materials are available for review.

This CDBG-AC meeting prior to that was held on April 12, 2018. Click the following link to access the meeting packet. During this meeting, a PowerPoint presentation provided an overview of the CDBG program areas. In addition, four Human Service Capital Facilities projects were highlighted: 

During the April 12, 2018 meeting, the CDBG-AC proposed a 1-Year Action Plan allocating CDBG funds for Fiscal Year 2019. The 30-day Notice of Public Hearing and Written Comment was April 17-May 18, 2018.

Previous CDBG-AC meeting materials and documents can be found in the folders below by year.

2016     2017     2018     2019

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