The Stormwater Basin Master Plan

The Stormwater Basin Master Plans

The City of Eugene's current Stormwater Basin Master Plans include:

  • Background, goals and objectives, and project scope
  • Development of a multiple objective stormwater management strategy for each basin
  • Implementation of the strategies
  • Study area characteristics, described in text and color figures
  • Study methods for evaluating flood control, water quality, and open waterways

The Basin Plans are comprised of eight volumes:

The City is in the process of updating the Stormwater Basin Master Plans. The updated document will be comprised of one volume covering all seven stormwater basins, with technical appendices. Sections 1 and 2, Introduction and Basin Characteristics, are complete and available to view here. Once Sections 3 through 6 are completed (Flood Control and Conveyance, Water Quality, Stormwater-related Natural Resources, and Summary and Implementation, respectively), all six sections will be compiled and available here: