The Wastewater Master Plan

The 2020 Wastewater Master Plan organizes a wide variety of information about the City of Eugene wastewater collection system and updates the 1992 Urban Sanitary Sewer Master Plan (USSMP). The plan includes all public portions of the collection system owned and maintained by the City of Eugene, including pump stations. The planning period for this document is 20 years.

The purpose of the master plan is to provide historical information about the development of the existing system, identify the general problems and rehabilitation needs of the existing system, provide design criteria to be used for future system expansion, and identify future needs and estimate costs to extend major system improvements to unserved areas within the urban growth boundary.

Additional Resources

  • The Capital Improvement Program (CIP)- forecasts the City’s capital needs over a six-year period based on various City-adopted long-range plans, goals and policies
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  • The Wastewater Master Plan