Lot 3

Republic Parking Rates

  • Short-term parking - $1.25 per half hour or $14 per day (based on a 24-hour period).
  • Long-term parking - $2.50 per hour or $12 per day (based on a 24-hour period) or $72 for a seven-day week.
  • 24/7 Economy Lot parking - $2.50 per hour or $10 per day (based on a 24-hour period) or $60 for a seven-day week. (located across the street from Long-Term)
  • Handicap parking spaces - located in both the short term lot and Economy Lot. Handicap spaces will be charged the long-term rate of $10 per day. Please pay at an "attendant" booth, not at the credit card express exit.

24/7 Economy Lot Shuttle

When you park in the Economy Lot, a shuttle will take you to and from the terminal.
Passengers who need service to the Economy lot should contact Republic Parking Shuttle line at 541-688-1182 

Credit Card Express Exit

When you arrive at the entry, take a ticket and the gate will open.

When you return from your trip, pull into one of the express lanes and insert your ticket. The machine will display your fee. Insert your credit card. Your card and receipt will be returned, and you are on your way!

Dead Battery Service

To receive assistance with a dead car battery, please call Republic Parking at 541-688-6571.