Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming Devices

Keeping Neighborhoods Safer

Traffic calming techniques are used to address a variety of quality of life and transportation safety concerns. The City of Eugene uses a number of different techniques and devices to calm traffic and manage traffic flow throughout the street system.

What is Traffic Calming?

Traffic calming projects use a variety of engineering techniques to reduce speeding. Traffic calming projects can include several different types of devices. Two of the most common traffic calming devices in Eugene include:

  • Speed Humps have been installed on several local streets with documented speeding issues. These devices slow all forms of vehicle traffic, and are typically placed in sequence 260 to 500 feet apart to achieve speed reduction. 
  • Speed Cushions are similar to speed humps, but include tire slots so large emergency response vehicles and buses don't need to slow down. Speed cushions are also placed in sequence 260 to 500 feet apart.

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Past Traffic Calming Projects

Request Traffic Calming

  • Prior to being considered for traffic calming a speed study is required to determine whether a street is eligible: Traffic Calming Procedure.
  • A speed study can be initiated by submitting a petition or City staff determining that traffic calming should be considered as part of a  project: Traffic Calming Petition Form.

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