Dragonflies and Damselflies in West Eugene

West Eugene Dragonflies and Damselflies

More species of dragonflies and damselflies are documented in the West Eugene Wetlands than at any other location in the Willamette Valley. Currently, the best single location within the West Eugene Wetlands to observe dragonflies and damselflies is the Bertelsen Nature Park (which includes Stewart Pond).

For more information on Dragonflies and Damselflies, please see the book "Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Willamette Valley, Oregon: a beginners guide" by Steve Gordon and Cary Kerst (2005, CraneDance Publications, Eugene, Oregon).

Dragonflies (Suborder Anisoptera)

Darner Family (Aeshnidae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
California darner
Rhionaeschna californica
Blue-eyed darner
Rhionaeschna multicolor
Paddle-tailed darner
Aeshna palmata
Shadow darner
Aeshna umbrosa
Common green darner
Anax junius

Clubtail Family (Gomphidae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
Pacific Clubtail
Gomphus kurilis
Octogomphus specularis

Spiketail Family (Cordulegastridae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
Pacific spiketail
Cordulegaster dorsalis

Cruiser, Emerald, Baskettail, Skimmer Family (Libellulidae) Cruiser Subfamily (Macromiinae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
Western river cruiser
Macromia magnifica

Emerald and Baskettail Subfamily (Cordullinae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
Beaverpond baskettail
Tetragoneuria canis
Spiny baskettail
Tetragoneuria spinigera

Skimmer Subfamily (Libellulinae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
Western pondhawk
Erythemis collocata
Eight-spotted skimmer
Libellula forensis
Widow skimmer
Libellula luctuosa
Common whitetail
Plathemis lydia
Twelve-spotted skimmer
Libellula pulchella
Four-spotted skimmer
Libellula quadrimaculata
Flame skimmer
Libellula saturata
Blue dasher
Pachydiplax longipennis
Wandering glider
Pachydiplax flavescense
Spot-winged glider
Pantala hymenaea
Variegated meadowhawk
Sympetrum corruptum
Autumn meadowhawk
Sympetrum vicinum
Saffron-winged meadowhawk
Sympetrum costiferum
Cardinal meadowhawk
Sympetrum illotum
Red-veined meadowhawk
Sympetrum madidum
Western meadowhawk
Sympetrum occidentale
Striped meadowhawk
Sympetrum pallipes
Dot-tailed whitefaced
Leucorrhinia intacta
Black saddlebags
Tramea lacerata

Damselflies (Suborder Zygoptera)

Broad-Winged Damselfly Family (Calopterygidae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
River jeweling
Calopteryx aequabilis
American rubyspot
Hetaerina americana

Spreadwing Family (Lestidae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
California spreadwing
Archilestes californica
Spotted spreadwing
Lestes congener
Northern spreadwing
Lestes disjunctus
Emerald spreadwing
Lestes dryas
Lyre-tipped spreadwing
Lestes unguiculatus

Pond Damsel Family (Coenagrionidae)
Common Name
Scientific Name
Western red damsel
Amphiagrion abbreviatum
Emma’s dancer
Argia emma
Vivid dancer
Argia vivida
Tule bluet
Enallagma carunculatum
Northern bluet
Enallagma cyathigerum
Pacific forktail
Ischnura cervula
Western forktail
Ischnura perparva