West Eugene Wetlands Plan

Wetlands Plan

The cornerstone of the West Eugene Wetlands Program is a multiple-objective, watershed and wetland management plan called the West Eugene Wetlands Plan. It was originally adopted in 1992 by the City of Eugene and Lane County, and in 1994 by the Oregon Division of State Lands and the US Army Corps of Engineers. It was updated and amended by Eugene and Lane County in 2000 and 2002. The plan was then re-printed in May 2004, and it is available to download and view as PDF files below.

You can view and download the entire West Eugene Wetlands Plan (23 MB), or by the individual, smaller sections (1-4 MB each). Please note: there may be errors or omissions in this document that are not contained in the original, as a result of conversion to web format. Do not rely on this web version for legal purposes.