Greening Building and Remodeling

Green Practices

Ways in which we are building and remodeling in a greener manner are:

  • Making energy efficiency important - One of the most significant impacts, both on the environment and on total cost of owning a building, comes from the energy it uses. Any work done on a City building is considered an opportunity to improve energy efficiency. When the Hult Center for Performing Arts needed changes to its cooling system, new efficient chillers were included in that project. When it was announced that the local steam distribution system would be phased out, planning began to replace that heat with the highest efficiency option possible.
  • Thinking about the neighbors - The stormwater bioswales next to Hilyard Community Center benefit the neighbors, human and otherwise. In addition to easing the load on the stormwater system and providing a nice view for area residents, the plantings also provide habitat for birds.
  • Following the LEEDer - Sustainable Buildings Policy- In 2006, the City adopted this policy to guide our work with our own buildings. Read the Sustainable Buildings Policy.
  • Building in a good spot - One of the important things about a building has little to do with the building itself. The location of a building determines how much energy it will take to get to and from a building. The site for the Downtown Library was chosen partly for its ideal location with regard to public transportation-the central bus station is directly across the street.
  • Building for a long life - A building that is durable, easily maintained, flexible and attractive is much more likely to endure. With a steel structure, brick exterior and copper roofing, the Downtown Fire Station was designed to last at least 50 years. Its classic design and careful siting to bring natural light into the building are both intended to help maintain its appeal for many generations.