Traffic Sign Manual

Traffic Signs in Eugene

Traffic Signs shall meet all the requirements of the most currently adopted Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) with an Oregon Department Of Transportation (ODOT) supplement.

Please refer to the documents and guides below to find the necessary information to design and fabricate all traffic signs. If a special sign is required that is not already a standard, it must be approved by the City of Eugene Traffic Engineer. Please contact Kris Olson in Public Works Traffic Operations for further assistance at 541-682-4961.

The City of Eugene utilizes standardized sign designs. If the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has the specific sign as a design standard, it must be used. If there is no federal design standard that meets a specific need, it may be available from ODOT’s sign design standards. The next step is to reference the City of Eugene sign manual, which contains the additional signs that have been approved by the City as design standards.

Using Sign Standards

All three standards are based on the most current MUTCD. All manuals can be accessed through the links below. To illustrate the need to reference each manual when locating a design standard, the following paragraph has some examples.

For example, a stop sign, R1-1, is a FHWA standard so it will be found under the FHWA manual portion for regulatory signs. The Speed 55 OR2-1 sign is an ODOT standard due to the omission of the word "Limit" from the latest FHWA standard; it can be found in the ODOT Sign Manual, Chapter 2. The "O" in front of the sign designator stands for ODOT, as the R2-1 Speed Limit 55 sign was modified by ODOT and is now the OR2-1. To locate specialty regulatory "No Parking" signs, the City of Eugene sign manual has those designs under the ER7-series signs. E stands for City of Eugene and, once again, the numbering system for signs closely matches the MUTCD standards.

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