Traffic Safety Devices

Traffic Safety Features Ahead graphi Bicycle Traffic Markings video
This new video looks at five of the latest traffic markings designed to make streets safer for all road users.
back-in angle parking graphic
Back-In Diagonal Parking
Back-in diagonal parking allows drivers to back into an angled parking space resulting in safer access to sidewalks and better visibility while exiting the space.
bike box graphic Bike Boxes
A bike box is a bike staging area designed to prevent bike/car collisions at intersections. It allows bikers to wait in front of motorists at a red light to make them more visible and prevent collisions caused by a motorist turning across the path of a cyclists traveling straight. See video
stutter flash signal graphic  Stutter Flash
A stutter flash increases driver awareness of potential pedestrian/vehicle conflicts at mid-block ped. x-ings and intersections w/out traffic signals. Cars should stop when the signal is flashing and allow the pedestrian to cross. See video.
buffered bike lane image Buffered Bike Lane
A buffered bike lane is a bicycle facility that is separated from adjacent travel lanes or parked cars by a wide pavement marking. See video.
 green bike lane image   Green Bike Lane
Green bike lanes use green-colored pavement to increase the visibility of the bicycle lane in places where there is potential for conflict with motor vehicles. See video.
shared bike arrow marking
Shared lane markings or sharrows identify where bicyclists should position themselves within the travel lane. Where sharrows are present, bicycles and cars share the lane. See video.
 bike traffic signal graphic
Bike Traffic Signal 
A bike traffic signal aids the safe and efficient movement of bicycles through intersections that serve high volumes of bicycle and motor vehicle traffic by giving both types of users a separate signal phase to travel through the intersection. See video.
 PHB_Icon Pedestrian-Activated Red Light
A Pedestrian-Activated Red Light, or pedestrian hybrid beacon (PHB), is a traffic control device to help people who walk and bike to cross busy streets safely. See video.