2012 Shared Use Path Projects

Fern Ridge Path Repairs (Chambers to Garfield streets)

Work is substantially completed on the Fern Ridge Path between Chambers and Garfield streets. Work included repairs to the bank of Amazon Creek and the realignment and reconstruction of the multi-use path next to the creek. A retaining wall was built along the path at the west end of the project under the Garfield Bridge, and the path was relocated so it is not as close to the creek. The completed ¼-mile-long path is be 12 feet wide, with a concrete surface and lighting. Funding for the $350,000 project is coming from federal "Rapid-Readiness" and STP-U grants, with a local match from transportation SDCs.

West Bank Path Repairs (Greenway Bridge to Stephens Drive)

North Bank Path Repairs (DeFazio Bridge to Leisure Lane) read the news release.

In 2012 the City plans to improve the portion of the North Bank Trail (Ruth Bascom Riverbank Trail System) from the DeFazio Bridge upstream (east) about 2/3 of a mile to Leisure Lane. This section of path goes through Alton Baker Park and abuts the west boundary of the Whilamut natural area. The project is estimated to cost about $1 million; funding includes federal "Rapid Readiness" and Surface Transportation Program (Urban) funding and local transportation system

development funds. Key elements of the project include reconstructing the path to remove slippery exposed-aggregate surfaces, replace thin and narrow asphalt sections, address unsafe root heaving and excessive cross slopes, and widen the path to the City’s 12-foot standard. Lighting will be installed between the DeFazio Bridge and the boat landing (no lighting is planned east of the boat landing). This section of path is highly used by the public and is in need of extensive repairs to make it maintainable and safe for the traveling public for the next 50 years.

Every effort is being made to protect trees from construction impacts. These efforts include realigning a section of path to protect four mature trees and carefully building the path over existing tree roots where that is possible. Any trees removed for the project will be replaced on a 2:1 ratio.

Based on travel counts that show more than 200 people per hour walking, biking, running, and skating on this path during peak hours, it’s likely that more than a thousand people per day use this section of path. Staff is working with community groups and non-profit agencies to schedule the path construction to minimize the impact on planned activities.

Amazon and Willamette River Path Connectors

This project is scheduled to be constructed in summer of 2012. It entails constructing four connections from the street network to the off-street shared use paths. Three of the connections are on the Ruth Bascom Willamette River Path: one from Merry Lane, one through Rasor Park and one along Fir Lane. The fourth connection is on the Amazon Path from Amazon Parkway. The connector paths will be 10-foot-wide concrete surface paths, except at Fir Lane. At Fir Lane, a 5.5-foot-wide concrete shoulder will be added to the north side of the street. The different structure on Fir Lane is because it is an unimproved street with limited right of way. All four of these connector paths had evidence of use with worn "desire lines", they will now be improved to accommodate all users. Preliminary construction cost estimate is $556,000, funded through a state Urban Trails grant and local transportation SDC funds. View Path Connector Project Factsheet.

Fern Ridge Path (Terry Street to Greenhill Road)

Beginning in late fall 2012 or spring 2013, the Fern Ridge Path from Terry Street to Greenhill Road will receive spot repairs of the existing path where premature failure or settling has occurred. In addition the project will repair and possibly upgrade the vandalized lighting system and possibly repair settled path shoulders. Funding for the estimated $150,000 to $200,000 repair project will come from leftover federal earmark (TEA-21) and City match funds from the original path construction 10 years ago.