On the Job

Job Requirements

Varies by employer and area of the field. Most require external and internal yearly testing, yearly training, and a clean criminal and financial history. Association certifications are recommended. Some positions require being on-call 24/7 and physical fitness testing. Some require a lie detector test and/or a passing a psychological test for hire. Must be able to communicate very clearly to a wide range of people and have attention to detail.

Typical Day

Varies as every case and crime scene is different. Expect lots of paperwork.


Varies by agency and location (private labs are becoming the best). The example below is an approximation only from past EPD wages.

Forensic Technician Forensic Analyst

Step One $46,716.80 $56,846.40

Final Step Six $59,675.20 $72,467.20

Employment Outlook

The flood of interest (CSI) has made hiring very competitive. The field is still growing and is expected to see more private labs open across the country. You should be willing to move and apply everywhere for the best chance to get into Forensics. You might also consider preparing beyond the minimum requirements to be the most competitive.

Volunteering or Interning in FEU

  • FEU staffs 4 to 6 volunteers.
  • FEU only accepts interns when a research project has been approved and is deemed necessary. Interns must be receiving college credit and FEU volunteers are offered the first opportunity.