Bike Hazard

Real-time Bike Lane Service

Information on Bike Hazards

This mobile application developed jointly by the City of Eugene and the University of Oregon (UO) will allow local cyclists to directly notify Public Works staff of maintenance-related issues on the bike path system.

Designed and written collaboratively by staff from the Public Works Maintenance Division and the UO Geography Department's InfoGraphics Lab, the mobile app will be available for both iPhone and Android smart phone operating systems. The application allows users to enter a maintenance request directly into the maintenance management system used by Public Works Maintenance to assign and track work orders. Direct routing makes it quicker and easier for users to notify Public Works of potential maintenance needs, and increases the efficiency and effectiveness for Public Works to respond to service requests.

How It Works

The location of requests will be provided by utilizing the GPS location function of mobile devices. The application allows the end user to include a name, phone number, and email, if a response or additional information is sought. It also allows the user to include a photograph to add detail when reporting an issue.

The new mobile application is in addition to several other current web-based citizen request forms that tie into the maintenance management system, including reporting potholes, requesting leaf deliveries, and being notified when street sweeping is scheduled in a particular area.

Download the app from iTunes or Android today.

See a short video on how to use this app, courtesy of

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