Development Standards - Operations and Maintenance

9.6797 Operations and Maintenance

Applicants are responsible for operation and maintenance of all stormwater facilities. Failure to operate and maintain facilities is recognized as a public nuisance.

See Chapter 4 of the Stormwater Management Manualfor more information.

Privately Operated & Maintained

Applicants are responsible for submitting an Operation and Maintenance Plan (Form O and M)and a Facility-specific O and M Plan provided in the Stormwater Management Manual pages 3-14 through 3-41. Annual Inspection & Maintenance Logs are to be kept by owner.

Privately Operated & City-Maintained

The city will accept maintenance of private facilities management stormwater runoff from residential subdivisions

Applicants qualifying and requesting City to maintain private facilities are responsible for designing and constructing facilities compliant with the Eugene’s Public Improvement Design Manual under the privately engineered public improvement (PEPI) process. An Engineering & Construction Agreement and Operation & Maintenance Agreement must be submitted with 5 sets of construction plans to initiate the process.

Publicly Operated & Maintained

Stormwater runoff from public rights of way must be designed, constructed and maintained in compliance with Eugene’s Public Improvement Design Manual.