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  1. Tue, Nov 19

  2. Tue, Nov 19

  3. Tue, Nov 19

  4. Tue, Nov 19

    Central Eugene In Motion Open House There's a new opportunity to get engaged in the Central Eugene in Motion Study. Staff will unveil concept designs at the open house for the three key areas. People will have the opportunity to weigh in on the design alternatives at the open house and Engage Eugene. To date, people have submitted more than a thousand comments through stakeholder meetings, online mapping and surveys, the July 10 Open House, and a series of focus groups with sub-area stakeholders. The project team is now review...
  5. Tue, Nov 19

  6. Wed, Nov 20

  7. Wed, Nov 20

  8. Wed, Nov 20

  9. Wed, Nov 20

  10. Wed, Nov 20

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