Public Meetings Calendar

  1. Mon, Feb 27

    City Council Work Session
    1. Work Session: An Ordinance Concerning Long Range Transportation Planning
  2. Mon, Feb 27

    City Council Meeting
    1. Public Forum
    2. Consent Calendar
      1. Approval of City Council Minutes
      2. Approval of Tentative Working Agenda
    3. Public Hearing: An Ordinance Concerning the Prohibition of Dogs Within the Downtown Core Except in Certain Circumstances; Amending Section 4.427 of the Eugene Code, 1971; and Providing for a Sunset Date of November 1, 2017
    4. Public Hearing: An Ordinance Concerning the Prohibition of Smoking Within the Downtown Core and Allowing Certain Properties Outside the Downtown Core to Opt In; Amending Section 6.23...
  3. Tue, Feb 28

  4. Tue, Feb 28

    Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee
    1. Consolidated Plan Review
    2. Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report Review
    3. Preserving Affordable Housing; Rental Rehabilitation Program Review
    4. Substantial Amendment
  5. Tue, Feb 28

  6. Wed, Mar 1

    Hearings Official Public Hearing Public Hearing on appeal of Planning Director's decision. Amazon Corner (TIA 16-7)
  7. Wed, Mar 1

  8. Thu, Mar 2

  9. Thu, Mar 2

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