Land Use Review

This web site provides information about Public Works’ role in the review of land use applications filed with the Planning Division.
Property Review Checklist
The City of Eugene Public Works Department provides a "Property Review Checklist" -- a research service that identifies Public Works issues related to a property prior to the preparation and submittal of a development application to the City. The issues identified on the checklist are related to the site’s location and physical characteristics (slope, availability of public services, potential capital improvements, etc) and not to a specific development proposal. A request for a Property Review Checklist requires no plans be drawn up, and no design be provided.
Maps depicting things such as hydric soils, floodways, and existing wastewater and stormwater systems accompany the checklist and provide information about the site that applicants will want to consider when planning a development. At the time applications are submitted to the City, issues identified on the checklist must be addressed.
Requesting a Property Review Checklist: 
A completed Property Review Checklist may be obtained by calling Public Works Engineering at (541) 682-5714, or visiting the Permit and Information Center at 99 West 10th Avenue. There is a $100 charge for this service.
Need More Information?
Contact Victoria Doyle at (541) 682-5714.

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