Public Works Building Permits

The Permit and Information Center is not open to the public at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions. Currently, you can contact Public Works staff by phone or email.  

Leave a detailed message on either email or phone with your name, contact information and the nature of your call. The person on staff will review and get back to in the order the message is received. 

Email or call 541-682-8400. Updated September 2020.

  1. Building Permit
  2. BLock Party
  3. House Move
  4. Private Use of the Public Way
  5. Revocable Permit
  6. Traffic Control Plan

The City of Eugene Public Works Department provides research services in person or online that can help homeowners or potential developers identify Public Works issues related to a property prior to the preparation and submittal of a development application to the City.

The most common issues are related to the site’s location and physical characteristics (slope, availability of public services, potential capital improvements, etc) and not to a specific development proposal. Receiving this information requires no plans be drawn up, and no design be provided.

Maps depicting things such as hydric soils, floodplain, and existing wastewater and stormwater systems provide information about the site that applicants will want to consider when planning a development. At the time applications are submitted to the City, issues that may arise during the review will need to be addressed.

New for 2020, there are maps available that can be accessed by simply logging in to the site once you have registered.  This is important during the Covid-19 pandemic for no-contact access to some of the information that used to only be available in person.  It is located at   If you are a developer or professional in need of more detailed As-Constructs, there is a registration process for access.  To register, send an email to or and make a request. It is a simple, one-time process requiring some basic information to process.