Rental Property Program

Building and maintaining positive relationships with your tenants and your local law enforcement agency are proactive steps toward successful management strategies. Building these relationships has to begin with knowledge of landlord and tenant rights. Staff involved with the Rental Property Program (RPP) may be able to answer some of your questions on this topic.

The Eugene Police Department is committed to forming community partnerships. Any information you can provide to help the department better serve you or your tenants will further aid Eugene Police in forging partnerships and bring about a safer community.

If you choose to sign up for the Rental Property Program (RPP), you will receive an automated email when a EPD call for service is initiated at an addressed you have registered. There are a few types of calls that are excluded, but most that would be important for a property manager/owner to be aware of are included.

This program is only for addresses within the City limits of Eugene.

To sign up for the program...Rental Property Program Application

If you have additional questions about this program, please email Program Manager Harlow Meno or call 541-682-5642.