The EUG Parade 

A EUG Parade entry included a group of women on roller skates with bouquets of colorful balloons

Eugene’s Human-Powered Parade & Pet Promenade

Eugene Has a Parade, and It’s EUG!

The EUG Parade is coordinated by a community committee and the City of Eugene Transportation, in partnership with City of Eugene Parking. The parade precedes Eugene Sunday Streets where participants can ride, roll and walk to discover active transportation in a fun, car-free environment. The 2019 EUG Parade and Pet Promenade—an animal-friendly mosey followed by a human-powered (non-motorized) parade—started and ended in the Downtown Park Blocks and marched down 8th-Monroe-Broadway-Oak. Visit the EUG Parade facebook page to view this year’s winners and parade photos. 

EUG Parade Theme

The 2019 theme was Steppin’ Out! Steppin’ Out is about representing your Eugene and all that makes us unique and quirky. When you’re Steppin’ Out on the parade route, think glam, bling, and shiny things. If you’re marching or dancing, share your fancy footwork, choreography and style.

EUG Parade Applications 

2019 Theme Logo

Stay posted for 2020 application details! Questions? Email the EUG Parade community committee at

Pet Promenade Theme

The 2019 Pet Promenade theme was Stepping Out: Tails, Tutus & Tiaras – so dress your animals, your kids, and yourself in your red carpet finest. There will also be lots of pet-related vendors and activities for families. We encourage early (free) registration to avoid lines and to get a free swag bag!

Pet Promenade Applications 

Stay posted for 2020 application details! NOTE: All animals must be friendly and on leashes or other method of containment for the safety of pets, participants and audience members.

EUG Parade Guidelines

Parade Selection

The EUG Parade is limited to a maximum of 100 entries. A selection committee of parade veterans reviews all applications. The selection committee reserves the right to choose only those entries that meet the criteria established in this application. Please complete your applications with as much detail as possible, as acceptance of your entry is based only on the information you provide to us.

Design Concept

Entry is well–designed and has an exceptional central theme or idea. We get your message in 20 seconds!

Adherence to Theme

Entry uniquely incorporates the parade theme for that year (Steppin’ Out for 2019)

Entertainment Quality

The entry is fun, clever, and well–received by an audience. You make us want to stand up and cheer!

Technical Design

Entry easily travels the parade route, meets size restrictions and is human-powered or propelled.

Use of Sound

Recorded or live music, use of instruments, chants/singing, or other audio is effectively used by your entry.


There is an interesting, unusual and exciting routine performed consistently throughout the parade route.


Costumes are original in nature, unusual and/or well designed. Props are inventive, and are large enough to be visible to the audience.

Maximum Dimensions for Route Safety

  • Maximum width: 16 feet
  • Maximum height: 13 feet
  • Maximum length: 60 feet
  • Minimum frame clearance to the ground: 10 inches
  1. Parade Categories
  2. Entry Fees
  3. Awards & Prizes
  4. Policies
  5. 2018 Winners

NOTE: All entries must be non-motorized and human powered.* No automobiles, trucks or other such non-human powered vehicles are allowed due to the scale/footprint of The EUG Parade.Questions? Email us.

Parade1Marching Units

Choreographed and costumed participants performing (marching, dancing, roller skating, etc.) consistently throughout the parade. Sound may be incorporated and props carried.

Parade2Special Features

One or more focal points surrounded by smaller units. The central unit can be human-powered accompanied by marchers. Creative costuming and decorations win the day!

Parade3Unique Non-Motorized Vehicles

Human propelled vehicles (see note above). Decorate and coordinate your bicycles, scooters, strollers, skateboards, pedicabs, kinetic sculptures, wagons and wheelbarrows.

AniParade4mal Units

Individuals may participate in the Pet Promenade, however, for larger animals or groups/clubs with horses, camels, llamas, etc., participants must be in costume and provide their own Pooper Scoopers, removing all animal waste in the staging area and along the parade route; no exceptions. All animals must be on leashes or contained for their safety, and the safety of participants and audience members.

Parade5Musical Bands

Musical bands include school marching bands (and any accompanying drill teams or dance teams), community musical organizations, and other types of entrants using music as their primary focus (jazz bands, rock bands, a capella groups, classical groups, etc.).

*Electric assist bicycles and mobility devices are acceptable. Email us with questions

EUG Parade Contact

Questions? Ideas? Contact the EUG Parade community committee at

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